10 Best Trivia Game Tools for Virtual Trivia Nights

Simona Lokvenec

by Simona Lokvenec · Updated Jan 3, 2023

Nowadays, staying connected with people virtually is easier than ever. With so many platforms and virtual activities, the possibilities are endless!

And we believe that the most entertaining activity you can indulge in with your friends, family, or colleagues is a fun trivia game. If you share our opinion, we invite you to take a look at the 10 best trivia game tools for your next virtual game night.


10 Trivia Game Tools for Your Next Trivia Night

Trivia Categories to Try

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10 Trivia Game Tools for Your Next Trivia Night

With so many trivia game tools out there, you need nothing but the best online trivia games tools.

And that’s precisely what you’ll find on this list.

1) TriviaNerd


TriviaNerd is a fun and accessible online trivia platform where people can play trivia games. Currently, there are more than 100,000 free trivia questions with correct answers, and users get access to more than 6000 ready-to-play games.

You can use TriviaNerd for versatile purposes - from team-building activities, classroom learning, and entertaining a wide range of audiences, to playing solo or hosting a virtual trivia night.

Every live game can accommodate up to 200 players, along with badges, leaderboards, and live scores.

Moreover, TrivaNerd’s trivia library gets updated on an ongoing basis. So far, the questions are grouped into some of the following categories:

  1. Cars
  2. Art
  3. Decades
  4. Lifestyle
  5. General Knowledge
  6. History
  7. Food and Drink
  8. Movies
  9. Music
  10. Business and Tech
  11. Politics
  12. Sports

Once you pick your preferred category, you can choose a subcategory, depending on what you’re looking for. For example, if you select the Sports category, here are some of the options: Champions League, Dutch Sport, EU Sports, Boxing, Cycling, Extreme Sports, Horse Racing, Golf, Winter Olympics, Tennis, and others.

You can use the website to research trivia questions freely (perfect for a free online trivia game night!). That said, opting for a paid account provides you with other more advanced features and options, such as:

  • hosting online multiplayer games with hundreds of players;
  • different questions types;
  • analytics data for your team;
  • custom landing pages and URLs:
  • and creating your own trivia games.

Creating a paid account costs $11.99 per month, you can use any browser or mobile device, and there’s also access to a friendly customer support team at all times. In case you feel like TriviaNerd isn’t quite what you thought it’d be, there’s a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Finally, to truly experience what TriviaNerd has to offer, check out the free Random Trivia Generator tool and be ready for a general knowledge quiz with a plethora of random trivia questions.

2) Random Trivia Generator


Random Trivia Generator is another similar platform with the same purpose as the one we just discussed.

Using it is free of charge and you have access to a plethora of trivia questions with the correct answers. It’s great for trivia game fans who can handle any trivia challenge on their way.

To host trivia quizzes, just gather the necessary trivia questions and use a screen-sharing feature on your preferred video conferencing platform. Of course, for an even more immersive experience, you can always just share the actual website and allow your team and yourself to be surprised by the questions that pop up.

That said, the website does have separate trivia categories, so if you want more structured quiz games instead of randomized ones, feel free to check out the different categories.

3) Trivia.fyi


Trivia.fyi is a website that contains a large and free library of carefully curated trivia questions, games, categories, and guides. It can live up to the expectations of even the biggest trivia addicts out there.

And while going through a plethora of random trivia questions can be challenging, breaking them into separate categories sure does help make things easier.

Trivia.fyi has already created many categories for your next virtual trivia night revolving around themes such as American presidents, pop culture, general knowledge, the human body. Nobel prizes, geography, Peter Pan, Disney movies and princesses, World War II, Harry Potter, and others.

So it’s up to you to check out some of the content on the website, pick themes and trivia games you resonate with and get ready for exciting trivia games.

4) QuizBreaker


QuizBreaker isn’t just great for virtual trivia nights, it’s a tool that helps teams remain connected at all times.

All you need to do is invite team members to answer icebreaker questions. There are 100 ready-made questions, but you can always add your own icebreaker questions as well.

The tool provides a scheduling feature, which means you can schedule your icebreaker games and send the questions automatically. You’re in control of the timing, date, and frequency of how often such quiz games are sent out.

The gameplay is less than two minutes per round, so finding time to participate should be easy for everyone.

Also, there are awesome emoji reactions and a comment thread that contribute to the overall game experience. These two features help you get achievement badges and unlock different levels as you learn more about fellow players.

Using QuizBreaker costs $3 per month per user, however, paying annually means you get four months for free, and the price is just $2 per user. There’s also a 21-day free trial for those who want to explore the tool first.

The package comes with free onboarding (the overall setup takes no more than three minutes), SSL encryption, and there’s also weekly leaderboard report.

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

5) Crowdpurr


Crowdpurr is yet another great platform for users who want interactive mobile-driven experiences and exciting trivia games that they can personalize if they choose to do so. For example, you’re free to pick your preferred trivia format and craft engaging trivia games, survivor mode games, or other activities. Attendees can also be divided into separate teams for an engaging virtual party game experience.

Moreover, Crowdpurr has a specific multi-round scoring system. It allows players to connect a few trivia games together in a way that allows them to see participant scoring being displayed across a plethora of game events.

You’re free to upload cool GIFs and photos that correspond to your statements and ask questions like “Who’s the singer in this photo?”, or “Which film is this well-known scene part of?”. You can also upload a custom-made logo, and change custom interface colors and backgrounds. There are ongoing updates, such as correct answers, rankings, and a question timer, and it’s all automatic too.

Besides accessing a versatile trivia library that has some of their best trivia games, you can also add custom-made questions by taking advantage of the user-friendly dashboard. There’s a live rankings option as well that’s great for highlighting the trivia star of each game and showing everyone who the top players are in real-time.

All relevant data may be viewed, managed, and exported.

Crowdpurr has a tiered pricing model. Namely, the Basic free plan is a great solution for people on the lookout for free trivia games. It’s great for family and friends, and comes with the following features:

  • 20 players per virtual experience;
  • 15 questions;
  • multiplayer accounts;
  • an original trivia library;
  • an embedded live streaming option with Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, and others;
  • adding educational content with question notes;
  • creating fun lotteries;
  • sound effects and music;
  • Points Wagering Mode;
  • scheduling start and end times.

The paid plans start from $49.99 per month (for the so-called Classroom Plan). Next, there’s the Seminar Plan ($149.99), a Conference Plan ($249.99 per month), and a Convention Plan ($499.99). The more expensive the plan, the more advanced the features it provides. Depending on your trivia needs, you might even opt for a custom-made plan (contact the vendor for further pricing details).

Finally, if you pick a paid plan, we always recommend choosing a yearly payment - all options are cheaper that way.

6) Online Jeopardy


Jeopardy is a well-known quiz show that has a special answer and question format. During the game, players receive versatile hints in the form of answers and afterward need to come up with answers in the form of questions.

This quiz game is perfect for an entertaining virtual trivia game night, and it’s a fun way to unlock new levels of creativity.

To play the game virtually, you just need to pick your preferred video conferencing platform, divide players into teams (the number of teams will depend on the overall number of players), and send players to breakout rooms. Teams should get no more than 8-10 minutes to choose a category and think of five questions.

Once everyone returns to the game’s main meeting, have each team reveal their category and set assigned point values as a virtual background. And yes, during this game, all attendees will be transformed into “squares” on the screen.

Afterward, all groups take their turns choosing questions. Then, players read out their questions and wait for responses.

Of course, you can always opt for a game tool such as this one, and allow the platform itself to “lead” you.

Finally, feel free to modify the rules depending on your current game situation and arrangements.

7) TriviaMaker


TriviaMaker is a platform that offers trivia games for players interested in versatile game styles. Namely, there are five game styles users can pick:

  1. List;
  2. Grid;
  3. Multiple Choice;
  4. Wheel;
  5. and TicTac.

Creating an organizational account and heading over to the “Resource Central” dashboard is the first step to accessing TriviaMaker. Then, you can create logos, games, themes, and personalize your games (you may even add your very own trivia names and include a theme song).

Thanks to the cross-platform technology, users can engage in creation and editing using their tablets, phones, or computers. Once you’re done devising a game, there’s an option to stream it on a projector or even a TV.

TriviaMaker has a 24/7 support team always ready to help users with whatever they need. People have access to self-learning tools too.

When it comes to pricing, there’s a free Basic plan, suitable for two teams. The plan includes:

  • 20 buzzers;
  • Grid, Trivia, and List game styles;
  • 2 teams;
  • 20 participants.

The Premium plan costs $6.99 and comes with:

  • all five game styles;
  • 50 buzzers;
  • 50 participants;
  • 50 teams;
  • customization features such as logos, colors, music, backgrounds, and videos.

The Enterprise plan costs as low as $2 per month per account and has the same customization features as the Premium, as well as:

  • 2000 buzzers;
  • 2000 participants;
  • 50 teams;
  • 5 game styles;
  • some team features such as discount pricing, user management, shared games, shared themes, and shared media.

Make sure to check the official website for special pricing and yearly payment options (there’s a lifetime payment option too!).

Finally, just pick your preferred game style and find out who the next trivia star is in your group.

8) Jackbox Games


Engaging in Jackbox Games is yet another fun way to spend your next virtual trivia game night.

Jackbox Games is a game-making platform known for its games Fibbage, You Don’t Know Jack, Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, and Drawful.

Each year since 2014, new sets of games have been released. All of them are grouped together and referred to as a Jackbox Party Pack and are usually sold in the same way.

Namely, all packs include five different games that can accommodate 1-8 players. That said, in case you need games for more than 8 players, many of their games allow the audience to play along, so no one gets left behind.

You can run Jackbox games on laptops, desktops, gaming consoles (such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4), and streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.

There are instructions and video tutorials on how to play the games on their official site.

To learn more about pricing, we recommend that you visit the Jackbox Games online store and look for game packages, discounts, and special offers, and then take your pick. It’s worth noting that you don’t always need to purchase a whole package - some games are sold as standalone games too.

If you don’t quite know where to start, as there’s a plethora of games, we suggest taking a look at the Trivia Murder Party. It’s described as this “deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer”.

You and your team need to provide the correct answers to the trivia questions unless you want to find yourselves on the so-called Killing Floor and compete in devious mind games that decide if you live another round or turn into ghosts.

Some of these mind games include making the longest word you can think of, attempting to drink from a non-poisoned chalice, and memorizing murder weapon patterns, to name a few.

Good luck winning this crazy but absolutely awesome game!

9) Trivvy


Trivvy is a cool platform that provides “the virtual trivia event you’ve been waiting for”. You just need to sign up in 30 seconds and let them do the rest.

They really do handle everything - the live video streaming, the actual trivia questions, the hosting, and the scoring system.

Moreover, their hosts are trained and highly professional, so they khow how to keep all games engaging all throughout.

When it comes to the actual trivia questions, you can expect quite versatile ones (both audio and visual questions), themed rounds, and quickfire mode.

Games usually last 45, 60, or even 90 minutes for big trivia addicts. It all depends on how much time you can set aside for such a game.

Once you settle on the game’s length, you need to pick up to four trivia categories. Here are some popular options:

  1. 1980s
  2. 1990s
  3. 2000s
  4. 2010s
  5. Billboard #1 Hits
  6. Costco
  7. Food of the World
  8. Food of Latin America
  9. Great Fiction
  10. Halloween Spooktacular
  11. Harry Potter
  12. Movies
  13. Nerdy Trivia
  14. Nobel Prize Winners
  15. Olympics
  16. Pumpkins
  17. Shakespeare
  18. The Rich and Famous
  19. Super Bowl Commercials
  20. Technology

Trivvy has several pricing options depending on how big party game you’re planning:

  • $299 (1-10 participants);
  • $499 (11-20 participants);
  • $699 (21-50 participants);
  • for more than 50 participants, contact Trivvy for more details.

Here’s what you get regardless of which pricing option you go for:

  • both single player mode and team-based play;
  • choosing trivia questions for the game;
  • a professional trivia game host;
  • video call option integrated within the app.

10) DIY trivia games night

If you enjoy challenging trivia gameplay and feel like playing ready-made trivia quizzes isn't enough, you can always choose to create your own trivia game night.

This is for trivia lovers who want to kick things up a notch.

Creating your own free online trivia game means finding not only the right trivia questions, correct answers, and free hints - it means finding the right tools as well.

Here are some to get you started:

  • QuizWitz is one of the world’s most well-known tools that allows players to create both virtual public and private trivia quizzes. You can add custom-made questions free of charge and send private links to your trivia fellows. The app is user-friendly and it’s great for those who haven’t had a lot of experience creating trivia quizzes. That said, you can always choose something from their QuizWitz PRO quizzes and enjoy playing free quiz games instead of being concerned with producing trivia content yourself. Make sure to visit the official site for more info about the paid plans.

  • myQuiz is a web-based engagement cloud platform that allows players to host both virtual trivia quizzes and in-person games. The platform has an intuitive quiz builder with settings and questions sections. The former control WHEN, HOW, FOR WHOM, and WHAT, whereas the latter allow the creation of trivia question types, including GIFs, images, and videos. You’re free to pick the questions’ format too, ranging from multiple choice questions and true/false, to open-ended and picture-based questions. There are three player modes: a multiplayer mode (MPM) - engages people in a live quiz event, a team trivia mode (TTM) - enables people to be organized into separate teams, and a single player mode (SPM) - allows people to play quizzes individually. While you can always create free trivia quizzes with myQuiz, opting for some of the paid options gives you the chance to create more advanced trivia games.

  • Kahoot is another famous app and one of the best tools you can pick for creating free quiz games. It’s easy to use, it’s popular, and has more features than go beyond devising trivia games. All you need to do is select the number of questions you need, make a personalized category, and include the questions. Finally, send the Kahoot room link to your trivia gang and enjoy.

  • Finally, you can always go back to the top of our list and use TriviaNerd to create and host your very own games. So head over to the website, sign up for a paid account, and you’re good to go.

Trivia Categories to Try

The best part about trivia games is that you get to cover a plethora of themes and trivia categories.

And if you’re in need of some inspiration or aren’t sure what categories you should include, this section should help. Below, we provide 12 trivia categories with some of the best online trivia questions and correct answers.

1) General Knowledge


A true trivia star should be ready for any type of trivia question and challenge.

And in case they aren’t ready - they see each question as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and be even more prepared the next time they play.

Here are some general knowledge trivia questions to test your knowledge on random subjects:

  1. Which word means a list of things you wish to achieve in your lifetime?

Answer: Bucket List.

  1. Kiwi is a fruit and also a nickname for someone from which country?

Answer: New Zealand.

  1. If there's lots of potential, you are told that the world is your what?

Answer: Oyster.

  1. Fjords are a geographical feature associated with which country?

Answer: Norway.

  1. In Scotland, what’s a loch?

Answer: Lake.

  1. According to the Greek myth, the labyrinth built by Daedalus housed which monster?

Answer: Minotaur.

2) Movie


So many movies - so little time.

Are you lucky enough to get movie trivia questions about movies you’ve seen so far?

Read the questions to find out:

  1. What actor plays the role of T'Challa in the movie Black Panther?

Answer: Chadwick Boseman.

  1. Who directed the Oscar-winning film “A Beautiful Mind”?

Answer: Ron Howard.

  1. Which celebration in Mexico features in the opening scene of Spectre?

Answer: Day of the Dead.

  1. What does BAFTA stand for?

Answer: British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

  1. What part does Michelle Rodriguez play in “The Fast and the Furious” movies?

Answer: Letty.

  1. How old was Tom Cruise when he filmed “Top Gun”?

Answer: 24 years old.

3) Music


People have different music tastes and in team trivia events, such diversity is highly encouraged.

To see how much you (don’t) know about music, take a closer look at the following trivia questions:

  1. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl'' is a hit song for which Australian band?

Answer: Jet.

  1. The Rembrandts' song “I'll Be There For You” served as the theme song for what TV show?

Answer: Friends.

  1. Caribbean sensation Bob Marley died from what disease?

Answer: Cancer.

  1. In which category did Drake win at the 2013 Grammy Awards?

Answer: Best Rap Album.

  1. Pharrell Williams' “Happy” features in which film?

Answer: Despicable Me 2.

  1. How many albums did The Police produce before Sting left?

Answer: 5.

4) History


Discussing history can be challenging, but it’s totally worth it when you learn a new piece of information that helps you understand some historical perspectives further and deeper.

To get the gist of what picking history as a trivia category would look like, go through the following history trivia questions:

  1. The Great 'what' of London occurred in 1666?

Answer: Fire.

  1. Which Chinese dynasty ruled from 1644 until 1911?

Answer: Qing.

  1. In what years did the Black Death affect Europe?

Answer: 1347 to 1351.

  1. Which ancient civilization invented papyrus?

Answer: Egyptian.

  1. In which year were the summer Olympics held in Sydney?

Answer: 2000.

  1. What was the name of the Scottish king who defeated the English army at Bannockburn in 1314?

Answer: Robert the Bruce.

5) Television


People may rarely watch TV nowadays, as they’re subscribed to a wide range of streaming platforms, such as HBO, Netflix, or Hulu, but that doesn’t mean that they can't handle television trivia questions in the way they should.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Which series ran for 11 seasons and featured a dysfunctional family from Chicago?

Answer: “Married... with Children”.

  1. “Twin Peaks” first aired in which year?

Answer: 1990.

  1. Which animated TV show features the catchphrase 'Yabba dabba doo!'?

Answer: The Flintstones.

  1. Reality TV Show 'Big Brother' was first aired in which country?

Answer: Netherlands.

  1. On the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kenya Moore is originally from what city?

Answer: Detroit.

  1. Who plays the lead role in the TV show “Orange Is the New Black”?

Answer: Taylor Schilling.

6) Sports


You don’t have to be a sports fan to excel at a sports trivia session, but it sure helps.

If sports trivia sound like something you see you and your team crew engaging in, read the following sports trivia questions and take your pick:

  1. Who won 2009 UEFA Champions' League?

Answer: Barcelona.

  1. In professional boxing, how many major weight classes are there?

Answer: 17.

  1. Bradley Wiggins is a famous cyclist from which country?

Answer: United Kingdom.

  1. During the 1999 season, how many races did Mika Salo drive in place of an injured Michael Schumacher?

Answer: Six.

  1. In golf, what is the penalty for a lost ball?

Answer: One stroke.

  1. In what year was the first Olympic games held? Answer: 1896.

7) Food & Drink


If you want a trivia category that will make you thirsty and increase your appetite, then this one is it.

Here are some cool food and drink trivia questions to consider for your next virtual trivia night:

  1. What alcohol is added to a Scotch Mist cocktail?

Answer: Whisky.

  1. If you ordered eggs Benedict, how would your eggs be prepared?

Answer: Poached.

  1. What is the color of Guinness?

Answer: Dark Ruby Red.

  1. Eaten in Japan, what type of seafood is iruka?

Answer: Dolphin.

  1. What is the name of the coffee enjoyed by many Italians after a meal?

Answer: Espresso.

  1. What word on a menu is used to describe a paella containing both seafood and meat?

Answer: Mixta.

8) Science


People on the lookout for educational trivia questions should look no further, as few categories live up to the task the way science trivia questions do.

Here are some to get started:

  1. CH4 is the chemical symbol for which gas?

Answer: Methane.

  1. Where in the body would a pulmonary embolism form?

Answer: Lung.

  1. The pericardium covers which organ?

Answer: Heart.

  1. Someone diagnosed with hyperglycemia has too much of what in their blood?

Answer: Sugar.

  1. Someone who studies earthquakes is known as a what?

Answer: Seismologist.

  1. Si is the chemical symbol for which element?

Answer: Silicon.

9) Geography


What’s the capital of…?

What’s the population of…?

Which continent is….?

What river…?

If you’re ready to contemplate such subjects, you’re ready to contemplate the following geography trivia questions:

  1. TAROM is the National Airline of which country?

Answer: Romania.

  1. What is the capital of Maldives?

Answer: Malé.

  1. Italy has a population of around…?

Answer: 60 Million.

  1. The oldest film festival in the world takes place in which European city?

Answer: Venice.

  1. Which country's major rivers are the Elbe and the Vltava?

Answer: Czech Republic.

  1. Arthur's Seat is in which Scottish city?

Answer: Edinburgh.

10) Books


Bookworms are going to love this category.

But to truly put their literary knowledge to the test, pick some challenging books trivia questions, such as the ones below, and have fun:

  1. Which Agatha Christie novel features the character Mr. Blatt?

Answer: “Evil Under the Sun”.

  1. What influential American philosopher and author wrote the book “Walden, or Life in the Woods”?

Answer: Henry David Thoreau.

  1. According to Jane Austen, a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of what?

Answer: Wife.

  1. Which Lord of the Rings character refers to a valuable item as “My Precious”?

Answer: Gollum.

  1. Which fictional spy is associated with the code name 007?

Answer: James Bond.

  1. Charles Baudelaire is one of the most famous poets from which country?

Answer: France.

11) Business & Tech


Discussing business and tech never gets old because there’s always something new to be added, explored, or understood.

The same applies to business and tech trivia questions:

  1. In which year did the first iPhone hit the market?

Answer: 2007.

  1. Where was the fashion designer Paco Rabanne born?

Answer: Spain.

  1. In what year was the first “Angry Birds” game released?

Answer: 2009.

  1. Which company makes the Kindle?

Answer: Amazon.

  1. What did the Swedish businessman Alfred Nobel invent?

Answer: Dynamite.

  1. Entrepreneur Henry Ford set up his first car factory in which US state?

Answer: Michigan.

12) Cars


If you and your trivia group like talking about Audi, Volvo, sports cars, car parts, and other car-related topics, including a car trivia session as part of your virtual trivia night should be on your list.

How far can you go with these questions?

Let’s find out together with these cars trivia questions:

  1. If your car radiator is damaged, what could happen?

Answer: Overheating.

  1. You should change what fluid in your car every 10,000 miles?

Answer: Oil.

  1. What was the best-selling British car of the 1970s?

Answer: Ford Cortina.

  1. Which car did Bond drive in “The Spy Who Loved Me”?

Answer: Lotus Esprit.

  1. Cadillac is a brand produced by which bigger company?

Answer: General Motors.

  1. Which iconic brand was named after a type of horse?

Answer: Mustang.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a trivia game?

A trivia game is a type of game in which players are usually asked questions about a wide range of different subjects, and they have to provide the correct answers.

Trivia games can be played either virtually or in-person, and individually or in a team, but the format is more or less the same.

Such games are usually organized as part of team-building events, school activities, family fun, informal gatherings with friends, office parties, or weekly trivia nights at pubs.

The team (or the player) who gets the most correct answers gets the highest score, and therefore, is the winner.

Generally, trivia games are played for a set number of rounds. They may include both open-ended and multiple-choice questions. Also, the scoring system may vary from one game to another.

What are some fun trivia questions?

How many people can attend a virtual trivia night even?

There are no limits when it comes to how many people can attend a virtual trivia night even. That said, you do need to comply with a specific game tool’s requirements. For instance, Trivvy provides several options for a different number of people - from 1-10 players all the way to more than 50 players. But that’s the maximum.

On the other hand, TrviaNerd can accommodate hundreds of players per trivia game.

In essence, it’s all about considering the platform you’re using, the specific options they provide, and your own situation - are you hosting a virtual trivia night for family members or a large corporate event for your employees?

Getting clear on such matters will help you know which game tools to eliminate and which ones to consider for your next trivia event.

How can I play trivia online for free?

There are many ways to play trivia online for free.

First of all, you can opt for a DIY trivia games night and simply go with a free game tool such as Kahoot!, for example, and add your own trivia questions. You can always search for articles with trivia questions, or use some of the ones we already provided in the previous section.

That said, you can also just pick a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, gather trivia questions, invite your trivia mates to join, and host a trivia game.

However, make sure the video conferencing software you pick corresponds to your needs - for example, Zoom gives only 40 minutes for free, if you need more, you’ll have to pick a paid version, so do some digging before you make a decision.

All in all, there are ways in which you can play trivia online for free - you just have to do a bit of research and pick an option that works for you and your trivia group.

What are the benefits of trivia?

Playing trivia games comes with many benefits - here are the most significant ones:

  1. Players showing knowledge in general and specific areas and at the same time expanding it;
  2. Having fun;
  3. Creating healthy debate and engaging discussions among players;
  4. Bonding with other players in a meaningful way;
  5. Promoting healthy competition;
  6. Helping people understand how to work in teams and have trust in others (applies to trivia games played in groups);
  7. Reliving daily stress and routine;
  8. Making new friends;
  9. Breaking the ice in a relaxed way;
  10. Helping people become more confident while boosting their self-esteem (just think about the sense of satisfaction a person gets when they know the correct answers to challenging trivia questions).

Final Words

All in all, virtual trivia games help people have fun, form long-lasting relationships, show their knowledge and also upgrade it, and improve some team skills.

You just need to pick the right trivia game for you and your trivia crew and embark on a virtual trivia journey.

And with our 10 best trivia games, this has never been easier.